After-sales Services

Antoker provides customers with the most satisfactory products and services. To ensure the reliability and stability of products, at the same time, constantly improve the quality of service, from product quality to product price, after-sales service, to ensure that customers can get the best service, let customer satisfaction, rest assured!

Our company makes the following service policy:

1. According to the factory date of the products, our company guarantee the quality of the products produced.

2. For product quality problems:

A: If the products (excluding the battery) appear with quality problems within 12 months from the date of shipment , our company gives them free warranty.

B: If the batteries and accessories are damaged within 6 months from the date of shipment, our company replace them free of charge or repair.

C: Our company shall provide corresponding technical training, spare parts, semi-finished products and accessories according to the after-sales technical ability of the dealers.

D: The following conditions are not within the scope of the warranty according to the relevant regulations:

(1) man-made damage;

(2) Damage caused by non-standard installation and construction or improper use;

(3) Mixed use with other brand product accessories;