Q: How can I get sample?

A: Please contact us, send us what requirements and models you want, we will send you the solution and the quotation.


Q: What is your terms of payment?

A: T/T, Western Union, Paypal and others.


Q: What is your warranty service?

A: 6 months for radio accessories . 12 months for radio body unit.


Q: Can I add my logo on the radio?

A: Yes, welcome your OEM service including customized package design and printing, and the customized order needs MOQ.


Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: Generally it 3-5 days if the radios are in stock. Or it is 7-10 days if the radios are not in stock, it is according to quantity.


Q:Do your products have certificates?

A: The products have CE, FCC, IC and others certificates


Q: How to program radio?

A: We will offer programming software, programming cable and guide video after samples.


Q: How long is the standby time?

A: Standard with 2000 mAh high capacity lithium battery, the average standby time (5-5-90 working cycle) is more than 12 hours.


Q: How far is the traditional walkie-talkie talking distance?

A: The call distance of the intercom is about 2~5km.(Note: the call distance is a general range, and the actual distance is related to the terrain, buildings, obstacles and other site environment.)


Q: What is the meaning of dustproof and waterproof grade IP67?

A: IP67 is a security level in the industry. IP is short for Ingress Protection Rating, which refers to the ability of an interface to protect against liquid and solid particles. After IP67, the first number is the solid state protection level (its range is 0-6); the second number is the liquid protection level (its range is 0-8). The larger the number, the stronger the protection ability.


Q: The battery life of the walkie-talkie is short, how to solve it?

A: It is recommended to check whether the battery is aged or damaged and try to replace it with a new one. At the same time, make sure to turn off unnecessary functions to reduce power consumption.


Q: The battery life of the walkie-talkie is short, how to solve it?

A: It is recommended to check whether the battery is aged or damaged and try to replace it with a new one. At the same time, make sure to turn off unnecessary functions to reduce power consumption.


Q: What should I do if the intercom signal is unstable and frequently interrupted?

A: WPlease check the surrounding environment for interference sources, such as large electronic equipment or high-voltage lines. Try adjusting the antenna direction or position for better signal reception.


Q:How to properly maintain and maintain the walkie-talkie?

A: Clean the radio housing and antenna regularly to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt. At the same time, pay attention to waterproofing and moisture-proofing to avoid prolonged exposure to moisture.


Q: The walkie-talkie cannot receive or send signals. What is the reason?

A: The channel or frequency setting may be incorrect, please check and reset. In addition, it may be that the walkie-talkie is malfunctioning. It is recommended to contact after-sales service for repair.


Q: The sound of the walkie-talkie is too low or cannot be heard clearly. How to adjust it?

A: You can adjust it through the volume adjustment button of the walkie-talkie to ensure that the volume is moderate. At the same time, check whether the microphone and speaker are clean and free of foreign matter.


Q: How to set the channel and frequency of the walkie-talkie?

A: Please refer to the instruction manual of the walkie-talkie and follow the steps to set it up. Usually you can enter the channel and frequency setting interface through the menu key or function key, and select the appropriate channel and frequency to save.


Q: What should I do if the intercom display is garbled or cannot display normally?

A: Try restarting the intercom to see if normal display can be restored. If you still have problems, the display may be faulty. Please contact after-sales service for repair or replacement.


Q: Do I need to register or activate after purchasing a walkie-talkie?

A: Normally, no registration or activation is required after purchasing a walkie-talkie. However, some special models or functions may need to be activated or configured through the official website or APP. Please refer to the product instructions for operation.


Q: If the walkie-talkie suddenly shuts down during use, what are the possible reasons?

A: It may be that the battery power is insufficient, causing the shutdown. Please check the battery power and charge it in time. At the same time, it may be that the walkie-talkie is overheating or malfunctioning. It is recommended to stop using it and contact after-sales service for maintenance.


Q: Where are two-way radios used ?

A: Two way radios are widely used in Security, Construction, Industry, Commercial use, Army, Government, Outdoor adventure, Logistics,Taxi,Truck,Camping, Travelling, Big shopping mall, Big Hotel, Outdoor Events, etc. 


Q: Can different brand walkie-talkies communicate with each other?

A: Yes. PoC Radios in the same management platform and in the same group can talk with each other. For traditional radios, as long as they're set to the same frequency and squelch, they'll be able to communicate.


Q:How far can a real walkie-talkie reach?

A: For PoC radios, work with SIM Card, talking range is all over the world. For traditional radios, the higher the output power the farther the talking distance. 5W walki-talki: about 1-2km in downtown, 3-5km in open area. 10w walkie-talkie:about 3-5km in downtown, 5-10km in open area. 25w mobile two-way radio: about 3-10km in downtown, 5-15km in open area. 25w mobile two way radio: about 5-15km in downtown, 10-25km in open area. 


Q: What's the difference between UHF and VHF? Which is stronger VHF or UHF?

A: In open mountains and plains, it is recommended to use VHF band walkie-talkies, which can give full play to the long-distance transmission characteristics; in cities with dense buildings, it is recommended to use UHF band walkie-talkies.


Q:How Does Two-Way Radios Work?

A: Analog & DMR radio talks to each other with the same VHF/UHF frequency, have distanced limited. 

PoC Radio operation over the cellular network, it requires SIM Card data rather than wave. PoC Radios can realize worldwide communication. 


Q:What is the benefit of two-way radio?Why is a two-way radio more effective on site than a cell phone?

A: 1) It is instant communication

2) It will not be interrupted because it has no calling function 

3) We must receive the message compulsively

4) The popular chat tools are just for chatting. The IP public network radio has other functions, like emergency alarm, monitor, dispatcher tracking …….

5) Management platform to improve work efficiency


Q:How does IP radio/PoC Radio/Network Radio/PTT over cellular work? 

A: Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) provides communication services over 3G 4G WIFI. Only radios using same platform and in the same group can talk with each other, all call audios can also be encrypted, which is international standard encryption RSA/AES( AES256).